How could I ever possibly get a girlfriend

Well I have had a problem getting any girl to like me since the day I was born, not because of how I act or my personality, but because I am autistic, I am fat, not like beached whale fat but more like around the 200 zone, I have pimples still, and I have horrid parents, so I just need advice on how to get a girl to like me, since I don't care if they are ugly at or anything like that, but an actual person who actually likes me.

im so lonely" dies a little inside"


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  • First off dude, stop thinking of yourself as fat, having horrid parents, that you don't care if they or ugly, and most importantly that you "can't possibly get a girlfriend." You self-esteem and outlook on life are going to kill off more potential partners from the get-go than almost everything else combined.

    The autism you will have to explain more for me to help, I know people from barely detectable autism to near crippling. What can you handle, what are your limits?

    The fat you can work on, don't starve yourself, but if you always eat 4 cookies and second on everything, do seconds only only a few things and take 3 cookies. It doesn't sound like much, but it will start to work, and as you get used to that, you can cut down more. But this is only if you see your weight as a problem - if you how you are now, don't try to fix what isn't broken.

    Pimples can usually fixed by a few things. Personally I don't even use acne medicine, but try to get some of that, or just use a body wash on your face. Take an extra like 2 minute shower before you go to bed to rinse off the oils from your hair and face so they don't sit there overnight.

    And it says you are 18-24 so your parents shouldn't be that big of a problem. Take them on dates away from your house, don't whine or complain to them (your female friends), that will just push them away. If they start asking about your parents, just be honest with them about how you feel on them, but don't force your opinion on her, again that will just push them away.

    Hope I could help!


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  • I don't think looks matter, and when you find the right girl she will think your flaws are perfect, everyone has flaws but you have to stay confident, confidence is one of the hottest qualities in a guy.

    • i wish girls will get off that confidence crap ... no ones born confident no matter what gender you are

  • work on all your flaws (hey we all have em, nobody's perfect) eat more healthy and exercise and you will kill two birds with one stone, because eating healthy helps a lot to clear up your skin. that's all I can stress on: work on everything that you think is preventing you from getting a girlfriend. let me also say this, girls like it when a guy, at least appear to have it all together. what I mean is, if you don't know the girl that well, please do not tell her about your insecurities. I dated a guy before and he had bad skin but all these girls where jealous lol nobody mentioned his skin,not even him for sure. he had the coolest attitude ever. yes, he didn't have great skin but there was other stuff good about him (he played in a band) you see where I'm getting at, RUN wild with all the good stuff about yourself. just don't talk about yourself too much or be arrogant, vain, etc.


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  • the #1 question a lot of us guys ask but sadly will never be answered ... sorry bro

  • i hate how people say there is someone for everyone, it's bullsh*t!

  • i feel the same too bro