How do I begin to tell him how I feel?

I know this is a typical question, but PLEASE don't skip it. please. I realized how much I truly, truly like my closest guy friend. From what other people apparently see, they believe he likes me, but is shy or scared,or unsure or whatever. Now that I've accepted it, I know I will act like a complete spazz. I wanted to tell him, but I don't even know how to do it. He's like my best friend. I know he won't run screaming, but I don't want something to come between us. Would it be better off if I said nothing, or will it be even worse? I just really don't want to lose him, that's all.

sorry if it's in the wrong category, I wasn't sure which one to place this in.


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  • I'd be up front and honest with him about how you feel. I think if you're straightforward, it'll be that much easier for him to straight with you. And even if that means that he tells you that he doesn't want anything "more" than friendship, you'll know that (1) he's still your friend and (2) you can get on with things, and stop worrying about what your relationship with him might be. I'm not, however, pretending that this is an easy thing to do! Good luck...


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  • First of all..this is not a typical advice? Use your hands and your lips..Don't Talk...(:(:(:(:


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  • Hey! Sounds like we're in the same damn boat but my situaition is a little different. Okay, so we both know he won't run screaming but it could put an uncomfortable issue on the friendship if the feelings aren't mutual. Your friends seem to think they are though so that's a good sign. Talk to him in person about it, crack a few jokes if you're nervous or seriously just be up front and tell him that you weren't expecting this to happen but you're interested in him. It can't be all that bad and if he's shy, he may not want to ruin the friendship and say anything. I don't think the friendship is in danger though. Just be confident, up front and take a chance! You'll never know if you don't try.