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I felt nothing when he kissed me. Why?

I've had a crush on this boy for years and lately been wanting to know what it would be like if he kissed me. I thought I would feel sparks and ext.... Show More

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  • This is a little different, but kinda of the same.Since the day I meet my boyfriend, I had always had stronger feelings for him than I would have another guy in that same situation. I just really liked (like) him, and saw how great he was (is) for me.I definitely "felt something" when we kissed. Eventually, we started messing around sexually, and I thought he was ah-mazing at everything he did. I started thinking about how it would be when we had sex.I wasn't a virgin, but I had never been with a guy I felt this strongly about. We had great chemisty AND he was good at everything else.So, I had high expectations for the first time.Then, it happens.I didn't feel anything special.It was just kinda normal. Soon after though, things were WAY better. Physically & emotionally. Ah-mazing. ;)SOOOO- My point is you don't always get it right the first time, I guess. :P (Actually, that's not a good way to phrase it, but I think you understand :) )

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  • Of course. Now that you've gotten what you desired, your brain doesn't want it. Funny how the mind works. I mean this is the most sincere way.

    • right, no sparks so it must be she just doesn't want what se can get, maybe she isn't attracted to him.

    • Right, exactly. Typically I would delve deeper into the psychological and chemical process behind this phenomenon, but I feel that simple explanation would suffice.

  • I think you should try kissing more guys and see if the "do it" for you. If they don't then maybe kissing is not your thing and you might still be crazy for this guy. Best wishes to you

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  • hmm.. I had the same experience with the same guy. first time --nothing, but I really liked him, it took about 5 days or so of kissing for it to start having an impact. then two years later after not kissing anyone for that time& still liking him. we dud again & like you & that guy. he mostly made out& I was expecting just a regular, kiss.. which eventually e did.i felt aALOT, fir each , just differently. the really passionate one was sort of less intense in certain ways because it was so much. the slower one was nice, because it made me want more. but both were very alive.maybe you just need to get used to it? maybeeeeeeeeeeeee your but attracted to him, but gotta say, kissing first is just weird. I almost hated I i as super disappointed. then I loved it.

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