I felt nothing when he kissed me. Why?

I've had a crush on this boy for years and lately been wanting to know what it would be like if he kissed me. I thought I would feel sparks and ext. Last week he finally kissed me, but instead of a normal kiss he made out with me and I felt nothing. I was a bit confused and a little worried and shocked. I was going to cut the kiss, but continued to see if I wasn't paying attention and really had sparks. After making out, I kissed him like normal, but once again felt nothing. I realized later if I really had sparks then I would have got them the second he kissed me. Is there a reason I didn't feel anything? Do I just not like or love him anymore?


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  • This is a little different, but kinda of the same.

    Since the day I meet my boyfriend, I had always had stronger feelings for him than I would have another guy in that same situation. I just really liked (like) him, and saw how great he was (is) for me.

    I definitely "felt something" when we kissed.

    Eventually, we started messing around sexually, and I thought he was ah-mazing at everything he did. I started thinking about how it would be when we had sex.

    I wasn't a virgin, but I had never been with a guy I felt this strongly about. We had great chemisty AND he was good at everything else.

    So, I had high expectations for the first time.

    Then, it happens.

    I didn't feel anything special.

    It was just kinda normal.

    Soon after though, things were WAY better. Physically & emotionally.

    Ah-mazing. ;)

    SOOOO- My point is you don't always get it right the first time, I guess. :P

    (Actually, that's not a good way to phrase it, but I think you understand :) )