Do you want a woman as your prize in life, gentlemen?

Are you going to college/university to get a good job and make a good salary to attract a woman? Are you going to the gym, trying to get toned/ripped to attract a woman? Learning some skill, learning to play an instrument, perhaps? If you don't want a woman as your prize in life, what do you want? Money? Happiness?

Be honest, now.


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  • Complete freedom is the ultimate goal.


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  • lolno. I hate to sound all preachy but since when did "a woman" become a commodity, rather than it being about finding someone to be in a happy relationship with?

    But anyway, no, I ultimately just want happiness, and I'm pretty sure I can be happy alone if that's the way things end up.

  • I'll answer your questions in corresponding order. No, I'm not even doing it for a salary; I'm doing it because I want to find my passion and purpose. Yes & no, I'm doing it to look hot; and I'm doing it to look healthy and respectable. No, I play the piano because I've love the way the instrument produces sound; and I will be practicing break dancing not because of the ladies but because I find it extremely difficult and interesting.

    Happiness for myself and for my loved ones.

  • used to but not anymore

    now its money mainly, and happiness