Riddle me this? A married man and i?

It was sexual attraction at first (nothing happened), but then that waned (or at least I think) after we decided to never talk about sex and remain friends. And we used to hang just once a week before, and now its gotten more and more frequent. He wants to see me ever so often, has started to cook for me and just generally want me around more. We have a really strong connection-- I've always known that, but I don;t get what this grey area is.. Is it normal for a married to hang out with another girl so often and not feel anything romantic for her? I could never call him out on it Because I'm not his girlfriend or anything..but this is really frustrating me. I really don;t know what's happening here? Does he have feelings for me? He keeps saying how much I mean to him and flirts with me sometimes.


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  • Its not normal, you are playing with fire and I would cut this crap immediately. You are going down a path where you will ruin someones life. He is acting inappropriately and you will get caught in the cross hairs. However if you like the impending drama that will come then stick it out and see what happens.


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  • Don't be home wreckin'.


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  • If he's already admitted to having feelings for you then no, it's not normal.