What is a red flag list and how do you use it?

hi I recently was advised to use a red flag list so I could screen any potential bfs, I've had to many bad relationships in the past and a friend suggested doing this. Can you please tell me what a red flag list is, does it really work and how do you use it?


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  • "Red flags" are signs, experiences in dating that you should take notice of since they point towards disastrous relationship qualities.

    I'm sure you already have some too! It's just that gut feeling that something is wrong, the things you dislike in a man that you really want to avoid.

    So it's not necessarily a written list, it's more of a mental checklist that you should be aware of so that you can quickly spot it and not waste your time or, hopefully not, put yourself in potential danger.

    Hope this helps clear things up about red flags!

    • thanks now I understand what red flags mean and it sounds like a safe way to make sure I'm more careful about my choices in relationships, I thank you for your advice.

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  • Don't know. If I ever met a woman who had one I'd run the other direction.

  • Red flags are something to be cautious of. Too many of them and the person get disqualified or had better have some VERY redeeming qualities.

  • Basically red flags are bad qualities in a person that will lower their chances of being a good boyfriend. You look at the list and decide if your potential boyfriend has those qualities.

    • thank you that's good advise

  • No that's wrong a red flag is bad. People select red flags to report something bad that was said in the comment section.

  • well, all I know is, if you are LOOKING for red flags, you have trust issues. you are looking for flaws in every man you see. that's just negative, and guy can spot negative women a mile away. and you will be a red flag to the very men you WANT

    • yes I do have trust issues wouldn't anyone after they have had a string of people using them

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    • my advise, find a man who doesn't trust women cause he has been cheated on...then you both have something to complain about together.

    • That's not exactly true. Red flags are, in my opinion, are things that you try to spot out early on because it'll be detrimental to the relationship. It's not looking for flaws in a person. For exa: a guy I was interested in, whenever we would hang out I would always have to pay, he'd convienatly forget his wallet. I don't mind paying here and there but not every time, that's a red flag right there. Ever since, when with potential suitors, I always pay key to that type of thing.

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  • think of certain things that are red flags based on behaviors or whatever...and if he has them, don't go for him.

    example if you catch him in a lie early on, if he has suspicious behaviors

    i would think it basically means keep your eyes open and don't be too gullible in dating