Why would a girl with a boyfriend call me cute? I was telling her about my lack of social life/lack of dating?

i guess I wrote the whole question above. she has a boyfriend she is really committed to. is she calling me cute instead of calling me a loser? I really don't get it.


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  • Just because we have a partner doesn't mean other people stop being attractive. A compliment alone does not mean a flirt or romantic interest, god know so many people think so.

    In your situation, I would guess, after complaining about your poor social life, she was just stating her opinion of how she felt you were, probably nothing more than that.


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  • Well you told her a story of your lack of social life and dating, she is just trying to be nice, that is the reason. She probably didn't know what else to say, she wanted to boost up your confidence, possibly, maybe she thinks you're actually cute.

  • If she was like, awwww your cute, then that's like she pity's u. And if she was like, what! But your cute. Then she was giving you encouragement about getting out more. And to answer yhe why didn't she call me a loser part... um most mannered people don't go calling someone a loser after they have had a conversation like urs plus you are probably friends/accuaintances whatever so she's not gonna be rude.


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