I'm 18 and I've never been with anyone... is this normal?

Is it normal to be 18 and never having a boyfriend/being with a guy? I've always been a shy girl and I don't really go out or talk much as I should... I'm terrible with guys, I can't really flirt (and as you can probably see my self esteem and self confidence levels aren't exactly through the roof)... Also, I'm not really pretty.

Still, I'm a nice girl, I'm smart, I always treat people well and I've been interested in a couple of guys but they never give me a chance.

What do you think is wrong with me? What should I change in me? Men scare the crap out of me and I'm never able to make the first move, or to even get them interested... I've haven't even had my first kiss!


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  • It's perfectly normal, yes. And in my opinion, ideal.

    The majority of relationships that start in high school, don't last. Because you're not emotionally mature enough at that age to handle the responsibility of not only your own feelings, but someone else's as well.

    Just go with the flow for now, if you find someone, great. If you don't find someone until you're 25, that's awesome too. Being in a relationship should not be what you strive for, because you're more likely to settle for someone who won't treat you nearly as well as you deserve to be treated.

    Good luck.


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  • Don't worry about this issue you're having with time. As if you've missed out terribly.

    First of all the absolute sure way to get confident in socializing is to practice it. There's just no way of overcoming it... if you have to be systematic about it try to break it up in smaller parts... like just try walking past guys saying hi or something.

    I don't believe looks are all natural. People happen upon a situation where they noticed something that worked for them. Try stuff yourself. Start with something as simple as makeup and fashion gurus on YouTube. Try whatever you're comfortable changing or think would be a good idea. After a while you'll catch on and get a few ideas yourself.

    There's nothing wrong with you I just don't think you've made a correct effort in making yourself look attractive :-)... and you seriously need to practice socializing!

    Sorry if this advice didn't seem sufficient! Best of luck

  • Dont think that you don't look good, you said you weren't pretty, men like girls with confidence, so tell your self that you look good, if you really are shy, men don't know how to talk to u, you are holding a shield in front of your body, that needs to be removed.

    Men like girls that are open and still shy at the same time, but remember never to change your personality for anyone, be yourself.

    Best of luck

  • yeah its normal. I'm 19 and I've never been with anyone. being more outgoing will help even though its hard

  • I think people are somehow led to believe that if you don't date by 18, you're somehow weird.

    You're normal, be sure of that.


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  • Its normal. You're still young.

    Try to be more outgoing (easier said than done I know)

    Take care of yourself (make up, do yOur hair, change your style a bit)