Advice please...coincidence or not?

i used to see a guy last year. but we weren't in a relationship. we stopped talking and he has now been in a relationship for 7 mos. he texted me a month ago to say he was thinking of me. then 2 weeks ago I texted him to say I still thought of him a lot and admitted for the 1st time that I had liked him and I didn't understand what had gone wrong between us. a couple of days ago him and his girlfriend broke up. coincidence or not? might they're breakup have had to do with my confession?


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  • first of all why have he contacted you after all those time?..may be bcoz he had been facing problems with his girl friend. And he probably would be comparing you with her and then u'd seem like a better choice. It is surely not a coincidence...he wanted to breakup with her. And statement that you also liked him and thinking about him gave him some courage to breakup with her. It's not your fault though and I guess now you can go out with him bcoz both of you like each other.

  • I believe there are no coincidences. That happened for a reason. I think you should talk to him and then see where it goes from there. Over all though I think that the break up is a sign that you two should go out.


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