Where did you meet your S.O.?

I just wanna know where everyone met their boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancees, husbands and wives.

how did you two start talking to each other? who initiated the conversation?


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  • College, I initiated by asking some dumb question lol

  • Well usually guys will strike a conversation with the girl at any place, whether is the bus stup, the subwa, the train station, the airport, pulling off a cab from the street, at a fast food restaurant, at the mall, in a shopping line, in a movie tickets line, at a concert, etc..

    But is up to the girl to say yes to the texts and date invites. If she never replies to the e-mails, or voice mailes, or she just doesn't go out with him at all when he asks her, then nothing ever happens.

    So a lot of the power is on the girl's side.


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