Asked a woman to go sight see is it a date or not?

Well I have asked this girl that I work with if she would like to go out and site see sometime. We are both new to the area I been here 5 months she has been here 3 months. well she said yes we are going next weekend to the Aquarium and then eat some Japanese and then to baseball game. I figured this would be the best way to get know her and feel out the situation. I feel she has to b somewhat interested to have said yes and good out and check out somethings with me. I am just sure neither of us have said its a date. should I pay so far ido like this woman but don't want to run her off either


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  • I think that sounds like a great date! You could always go out on this "date" with her and see where it goes from there by asking if she would like to have coffee or dinner with you afterward. :) Good luck!

  • It sounds like a very cute date.(:


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