Guys- what does it mean when you are mysterious and don't give girls a definite answer?

There's this guy I like, I think he likes me back but he still has not asked me out yet. Other opinions I've gotten have agreed that he likes me. He lacks experience with girls so that could be what is holding him back.

He's always been kind of mysterious--- for lack of a better words. I can't think of another way to describe it right now lol. Like, I'll ask him a simple question like "are you going on break with me?" and he says "I'll think about it..." even though he almost always goes with me and I know the answer is truly yes.

Earlier this summer he got me a gift and while we were texting tonight I offered him kind of a thank you in the form of doing something fun on me. He said "I might take you up on that" what's with the MIGHT?

Then I mentioned that he should visit me at my beach house and we could hang out for the day. He said "Maybe I will" Why MAYBE?

I'm not sure what to think--- should I take the maybes and mights as no's or yes's? good sign or bad sign? Is there a reason why he is like this with me?

Thanks in advance :)

one time he said "I'll think about it" and I said "I hate say that!" and he said "I love it, it keeps people on their toes"
I said "I hate when you say that" *


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  • He likes being mysterious and it's part of his persona. I have a friend who is almost like that. Likes being mysterious to keep women who like him on their toes and wanting more...never revealing too much so you'll keep coming back for more (hopefully). Very tricky guys and likes playing these mind games.

    You're doing exactly what he wants...keeps you on your toes and crawling back for more. I think he knows you like him? and he's trying to keep you interested. Frankly, I don't like these mind games. If it drives you crazy, threaten to break up if you don't get straight answers from him. Force his hand a little bit. The mysterious schtick should end soon.

    • I don't like these mind games either. I like clear answers... I don't want to have to think about his response and try and interpret his answers. And we aren't together, I just have a big crush on him and I think he likes me back. So I can't "break up" with him. Hopefully he knows I'm interested by now.

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    • eheheh I think he liiiiiiikes you! oooo la la :) I think he knows you like him so he's just playfully teasing you with the mysterious thingy and the liking-creepy-guy comments. You should tease him back with liking-old-ladies comments and see how that goes. lol

    • Ahaha maybe I will lol just need to think of someone good


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  • When a guy's acting mysterious, he's just trying to pique your interest in him.

    • so this isn't really a bad thing? I'd rather him just come out and say "yeah, that sounds fun, let's go hang out next week." I'm just not sure if he will actually take me up on my offer. I guess if he likes me he will. The ball is in his court, right?

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  • I understand what you are saying, A guy I knew from high school has been texting me and he acts mysterious, and we haven't seen each other in a couple of years. I can tell he acts all mysterious to play mind games and keep me around, the worst thing about it, is that his game is working and I hate myself for it. We have been texting 6 months and yet he does not go through with plans on dates that he made twice. I have had 6 other guys ask me out these past 4 months (I went out with one only) and I turned them down because they just did not catch my interest and I feel mad for not giving them chances.

    • Yes, it's very annoying. In my case, I think we both like each other but are afraid to say it. I hope I can get a more straight forward answer.from him tomorrow. I'll let ya know how it goes.

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    • At this point, I just kind of want to know if anything will ever happen between us. It really seems to me that he likes me though. I mean, he went out of his way to get me a gift and then walked it to my house on his lunch break (he had no car that day). I can't picture a guy doing that if he didn't like me as more than a friend...he could have just left it at work and I would have seen him the next day to get it. OR I told him I go to him so he didn't waste his breaktime but he insisted...

    • I think he must like you, either he is too nice of a guy or really likes you, that was a nice gesture of him to do. He might be shy to tell you how he feels, most guys don't like coming out with their feelings when liking someone.

  • seems like a game--like he wants to hold your interest, and he you keep reacting to it, so he continues to do it. I know it would bother me, personally, but to each their own.

    • I don't like it but how else am I supposed to react to it?

  • he's playing games slightly