What should I do on my first movie date?

Should I have some physical contact with her ? How should I do it in the cinemas when we are seating side by side ? Any experienced help will be great !

Btw do you girls like it if a guy leans in towards you during a movie during a first date ?

wow thanks for the overwhelming response!


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  • I wouldn't pull up many moves. My ex and I's first date was at a movie, and it scored big points for him when he didn't pull any moves. He didn't want me to get the wrong impression. Although I did catch him staring at my t*ts LOL. If you just try to makeout with her or pull cheesy moves, shell get the wrong idea. Equaling no second date. In my opinion, go somewhere else.


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  • On a first date I wouldn't get too frisky! If you're getting good vibes you could try holding her hand or putting your arm around her. I personally don't like the arm around me in a movie because I feel like I'm practically laying in his lap. I'd keep it simple. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by leaning towards you but if you mean sitting closely, then go for it.

  • Depends on the movie.. if you want to get close to her, do a horror movie! She'll probably get scared at some point if it's a good one and end up in your arms. Action/Comedies are always fun to go to. How close do you mean when you say lean in towards you? A first date for a movie is hard though, because you're really not talking to each other during the movie. Maybe you should go out for coffee or something first to get to know each other

    • haha we are going to watch an action movie, just unsure of the physicla contact part, because I read tha tif I don't touch her often early, she may feel I'm not interested in her , and rather more like a friend. I don't wanna be fren zoned

    • well don't come on too strong during the movie, I suggest to do something simple

  • I think just take it easy, it's a movie date. keep it slow I guess would be my strategy? My boyfriend now and my soulmate, we took it slow and our first date was a movie date too . good luck to you.

    • i feel the pressure of 'securing' her early, by showing signs that I flirt with her,(physical contact). did you feel funny when your boyfriend didn't make much physical contact during the first date?

  • Why would you go to the movies for a date ?

  • u should watch the movie


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  • Like many have said before me, I never take my dates to the movies as our first date. First dates are for getting to know the person and it's pretty much impossible to do so in a cinema. As for your 'physical contact' dilemma, there are 3 scenarios that I think you should consider:

    1) Take her to the movie for your first date, but don't pull ANYTHING.- This will show her that you respect her enough to save the physical stuff for when you know each other a little better.

    2]a) Take her somewhere before the movie. Now it doesn't have to be dinner, it can just be for a walk down the block to kill time before the movie.- This opens up the 'physical contact door' a little wider. It gives her a chance to get to know you better before you make any moves, that way it doesn't feel like a complete stranger is trying to hold her hand or what have you.

    2]b) When you use scenario 2, I find it best to make the first contact very cheesy or funny. For example, the classic yawn and put your hand over her shoulder. Do that with the LOUDEST yawn that you can muster up. Another one is to wait for her to go for some popcorn. When she does, go for some too and when your hands touch -do not pull your hand back- and be all "Oh my bad... Were you getting some... Oh we're like twinsies..." make sure that you make it funny. Then when the encounter's over, just go straight for her hand and hold it. Then you turn to her and say "I wasn't going to, but since we had a moment.." 

    3) SAVE THE MOVIE FOR DATE 2 OR 3! Movies are not good at all for the first date. They're not good for getting to know you're date, which is exactly what the first couple of dates are for, especially the first. The other upside to taking her to the movies on date 3 rather then one is that she will be WAY more comfortable with you and therefor WAY more open to physical contact. 

    One last thing that I need to touch on, is the pressure test. This is how you see if a girl is open to physical contact. When you're sitting in the theater, move your leg next to hers. Ideally you want your entire leg, from your knee to your ankle, touching hers. That's step 1. If she doesn't pull away, you move on to the deciding step, step 2. This is nothing more than applying light pressure to her leg and seeing how she reacts. If she pulls away, she obviously doesn't want to get physical. If she stays there or, even better, pushes back then she's open to get a little physical. 

    That's about it so if you need anymore help, or wanna help me out with some of my problems, hit me up on my profile. 

  • The time you spend together will not be during the movie, during the movie all that is happening is that you two are sitting together, the bonding process comes After the movie where you two can discuss it. Before you two can bond by figuring out what movie you both want to see, just go with her choice and keep an open mind. Watch the movie and pay attention and overall, just enjoy it. Don't make a move on her during the movie, if she wants to make that move then it is her choice.

    While others may say a movie date is a bad idea, overall any first date can be rocky. Be confident in yourself and just play it cool. Spend your time with her before and after the movie and just communicate.

  • How do you get to know someone by sitting quietly next to them in the dark for 1-2 hours?

    My smart-ass reply to your question:

    "What should I do on my first movie date?"

    Something else.

    • In my experience with dating, I actually get very creeped out when I feel that hand or arm inching towards me when I hardly know the guy. With one boyfriend, we did end up seeing a movie on our first date, but he was respectful and was hands-off. (Then, when we ended up in a relationship, going to see a movie involved all sorts of hand-holding and cuddling-and it was nice : ) )

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    • Have you been reading PUA advice?

    • No hardly any Pua advice . Only Phua advice I've heard is to touch her and don't be so compliant to a girl or I'll get fren zoned