Is it true that when a guy cries over you it means you really mean a lot to him?

when I first met my boyfriend, I'm not gonna lie..he was a total pervert douchebaggy a**hole! the only reason why I wanted to date him was because I thought he was really cute and I was insanely attracted to him like never before! he told me that he rarely ever cried and his mother said that he didn't even cry at his grandmothers funeral which was weird because he loved her a lot. he was just this "tough" kind of guy I guess and he said the only time he really cried back then was when he got alcohol poisoning. well about 6 months into our relationship we were having sex and when we got done we laid in bed for a bit and then he just immediately started bawling and I was like, "what's wrong?" and he was crying a lot and he said "i feel like you don't like me" and he hid under a table and started crying more, curled up into a ball. I was really confused. I've never seen a guy cry like that before in my life! that wasn't the only time he's cried like that. another time we broke up for like a day because of a stupid fight and I saw him again the day after and he just looked at me and started crying. now we've been dating for a year and I had my rings off because I was upset with him on day and he started crying and said "wow, I am really hurt! you don't know how much those meant to me and what if they are gone forever?" do you think he's just a sensitive guy and he lied and said he never cried or what?


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  • Yes.

    I've seen the meanest looking, hardened, ubermuscular men break down into sobbing messes because they lost a woman they cared about.


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  • Honestly I am not even reading your description because I already know the answer is yes. If a guy cries over you then you mean the world to him. And not figuratively but honestly he loves you and he would rather die before he sees any harm come to you and would do what he needs to in order to achieve your approval. That just makes you a very special person in his life that he feels he can never replace.


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  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I really didn't read anything you wrote (yet) hahaha but I think its sad when a guy cries but what its over..meh well it is usually over something good...even if it is their fault anyways on to the question. lol. ehhhh errrrr *sigh* mmm lol what? o_O? uhhhhhhhh.< reaction to what I read..was reading and typing at the same time. hahah. hmm...well all I can say is that he may be misplacing his emotions. sometimes when people hold in their emotions they can get upset over the smallest things and make it seem like it is something more and it really gets to them after holding it back. So you could say or do one thing that pushes them over the edge and then they start crying or yelling. So he may just have been holding it in and when something happens between you two he may just let it all out. OR he could just care for you a lot and is genuinely upset about it. lol. hope it helps.