I'm letting my boyfriend walk all over me? or just normal guy behavior

I don't know if this is the way my boyfriend and most guys are, or if I'm just being too easy on my boyfriend.

We have been together for only over 2 weeks now and sometimes I don't hear from him for a couple days, and I don't bug him in the meantime he doesn't text me, I just wait for him to do so cause I don't want to seem clingy. We made plans twice before we actually made our relationship official and I didn't hear from him for two days, he apologized to me and said he's been really busy so I let it go and told him I understand.

He did this again, but he didn't say anything for four days, he finally texted me and said "I'm sorry, something really bad happened." he didn't want to talk about it, so I told him not to worry about it, and that I'm here for him and that I understand if he couldn't text me. He knows how understanding I am, so I feel like now he's taking advantage of that? We've only hung out once and he said that we will again really soon, he tried to make last minute plans on Saturday night, but I couldn't so I told him next Saturday. Lately it just seems like he's busy with work and family stuff, like it's bad timing.

Am I being too understanding? Am I letting him walk all over me?

Or is this just how guys are? They ignore they're SO?

I texted him yesterday and asked him if he was busy and he said he was going to his cousins birthday party, so I let him go and told him to text me later but he never did. I guess I'm just being neglected. He was cheated on twice, and I'm thinking this might be why they cheated on him.


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  • Sounds like me, honestly I love my girlfriend and would do anything for her but I just get busy and often forget to call or text her... I also just hate texting but I've been trying to get better because she expresses her concerns and I don't like to make her unhappy. I don't think he's taking advantage of you but you are doing the right thing in not being clingy... just have a talk with him when he's free and let him know how you feel heart to heart don't nag him or anything because that won't help


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  • Some people do take others for granted or use them.

    Some let others do it to them - like nice guys!

    That's why you have to learn to just say no.

    No sets boundaries. Boundaries are important in every relationship. Without them, a person is just a pushover.

    • so then I am being too easy on him?

  • Doesn't sound like much of a boyfriend. He isn't really "walking all over you" but that's not what boyfriend should be doing.


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  • Its not what my boyfriend does. Your in a relationship so you can text him or call him I would try doing that...

  • you need to get him out of your life! he is treating you like dirt!