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Okay if anyone knows the site meetme.com (myyearbook) well I met this guy who recently his girlfriend left him well I was giving him advice and he gave me his number and we started to text well then he started to flirt we me and I don't like long distance relationships since my last one ended badly so I told him I just want to be friends and I made him upset again I explained to him that I want to be friends because I think it is too soon for him to date especially someone he just really started to talk to two days ago he is very sweet but I don't see him like that yet I mean yeah I could see me liking him down the line but I wouldn't want to put myself in a LDR again but now it is awkward when we talk and the last text I sent was I am sorry I am going to go I upset you and I didn't want to do that he responded no I am and I'll go bye and I feel bad now I want to still talk to him but I don't know if it will be awkward or not ?


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  • Well, first of all. I've been in two seperate long distance relationships. And I can tell you, it just doesn't work. To be honest, this guy sounds similar to how I was. He wants to talk to you, but he doesn't want to get hurt. Unfortunately, my advice is to leave him alone. I know it sounds bad, but that's the best thing you can do :/ Good luck however it turns out though!


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  • Oh Lord, please. Stay away from meetme.com. I had an account on there and all the guys are pervs. And some of the girls, too. Sheesh, I got hit on by a girl. Just stay away from that site. It's just a bunch of horny guys looking for sex.