Am I better off without him?

I met a guy over the winter break over 2,000 miles away from where I live and work. We talk everyday and he says he misses me and loves me, but on weekends he texts me and asks how to pick up other chicks because I've been with way, way more guys than he has girls. I think he's using me for my female insight and sexual experience, he's not really into me and I'm way better off without him. He sucks, right?

He does call me every morning and calls every night to see how I'm doing. That and he talks about how much he misses me and that every girls he hangs with makes him miss me more. And says stuff like he'll never let me go once I'm in his arms again.


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  • Well no, you can use him for male insight. He's 2,000 miles away and unless you plan on having occasional sex when he's down here, what else are you guys going to do?

    If you enjoy talking to him and having a male attention source, he's good to go otherwise... I don't seen him as anything more then a fling or friend.


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  • I think he is just seeing what you have as friendship. I really think he is a nice guy but I don't really see much more than a friend.


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  • You know guys do ask girls there supposed to really like how to pick up girls at times to make you jealous my ex does it the hole time!! its stupid but that can be a reason why he does it!!