Is he messing around with me?

I was talking to this guy from high school, (Call him B) turns out he was a jerk in a lot of ways and he had his cousin (Didn't know it was his cousin) write me on Facebook to see if I was going to respond (I didn't) so we stopped talking then another guy (Call him S) I went to high school with wrote me on Facebook, we exchanged numbers, he called and the conversation was wacky. This guy said he wanted to get to know me but he asked what I was wearing when he called. I hung up on him and he started texting me all this sweet stuff saying how he wants to be the one to make me happy, and smile etc...but he doesn't know me. Is this real? I know guys do not get clingy like that right off the back unless they want something? Is it possible B had S write me to see what was going to happen? They are both friends on Facebook. I don't know if they hangout in real life but both athletes, maybe? S called twice today and I wonder why he keeps calling...should I call him back?


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  • If he keeps calling, then he's just wanting to talk...


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  • Yeah just go ahead and call him back.