My ex and I kissed. what now?

it was a tough break up. we didn't see each other or have spoken for like 6 months. we could not contact each other and I blocked her on fb for my well being. I still care about her a lot tho. but on my birthday I got a letter from her saying happy birthday. it didn't say her name but I knew her handwriting. anyway the next day I call her work to say thank you and we talked on the phone for a while. it felt nice. I told her I would stop by her work to drop off something I wrote(im a song writer) and she said OK. so I get there and we sit and talk and we are being us before the break up and it felt amazing. at the end I could not resist and I kissed her. she didn't stop. now I don't know what to do. go back to living without her? why did she send me the birthday card all of a sudden after avoiding me and not speaking to me. I'm really lost. I need advice. thank you


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  • Maybe you should talk to her and tell her your feelings and see how she respond? Well, I wish I could do what she did and got the same response like what you did. Good luck :)

  • hmmm what do you want to do now? What seems right? That's a tough spot because everyone breaks up for a reason, but fully breaking up is really hard.


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