Girlfriend has this guy friend? What should I do?

OK I've been dating this girl. We have both told each other that we were starting to develop feelings for each other. We have had and sex and I've spent the night with her a few times. She has mentioned this guy before that lives down the street from her but I never met him. Well last night I went to pick her up and he was there. She introduced us and then he left. She said he wanted to hang out with her tonight but she told him she couldn't because she had a date. So he said he wanted to meet me. She says he is like her little brother. He is 18 and she is 20. She told me they have a weird friendship because he hangs out at her house a lot. Which for the most part they are alone. We have talked about cheating and I told her that was one thing that I could not stand. She said she could never do that to me. So I do trust her but it really makes me uncomfortable because he's an attractive guy and we all know how 18 year old guys are. I know very few guys around that age that like to hang out with a girl unless they want something out of it. Also that night we were lying in bed and it was 12:30 and he sent her text asking if she was still up. Which was the 2nd time he texted her that night. They have known each other about a year and I have no idea if they have had sex or not. What should I do? I don't want to be controlling.


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  • be honest, ask questions, no sense in holding in your questions because you won't get answers that way. be friends with him, make your presence well known and if you like her, let her know how much.


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  • I'd be wary if I were you. Seems to me that guy wants to be more than friends with her. Mabe try talking to your girlfriend and try to find out if they have done anything? Be ready to bail, anyways.