I think I have a problem with dating, could you please help?

I met a girl and fall for her, I was very confident and new what I wanted. But on one occasion I behaved the way which did suit me only and didn't explain what led me. Which eventually caused a breakup. And to me it was the first girl whom I really fell for. And I did blame myself for the breakup. Which led me to behave more cautious and not leading or enthusiastic in my behavior with women when dating. And I look not confident because of that, look like I don't know what I want. Please advise what can I do about it.


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  • I have no idea what you just said, you did something vague and something else happened... ?

    • I meant that after the break up with a girl I lost my confidence, and trying to get it back now. And when I date a girl now I behave like a shy "good guy" who lacks confidence. But I was very confident good guy.

What Guys Said 1

  • Say sorry that's all you can do at the moment!