When hanging out with my ex recently, he brought up the first (and only) time I said I loved him. Why?

We were sitting around, drinking and hanging out and he was like " Remember St. Pattys day when we got drunk and laid in bed and we were just talking? Do you remember what we were talking about?" And I told him I remembered some things and he said " Yeah you told me about your childhood and stuff and then you were like... I love you and I said I loved you too". So I just immediately said Oh yeah I say that a lot when I'm drunk. And then he just seemed to blow that off lol. Why would he bring that up? I was shocked he even remembered that since it was almost 6 months ago lol


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  • Bringing that up means he's been thinking about it.


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  • My guess (although I definitely could be wrong) is that maybe he still has feelings for you and he was wondering if you still loved him.