I need to know if he might still be interested or if that ship has sailed?

So this server at work touches me a lot, created a pet name for me and always refills my drinks for me. He has been doing this more and more since we started working together. He even went as far as giving me a "hug" goodbye to try to unhook my bra after everyone else had left.

Then 4 weeks ago he looked for me when my gay bff who works with us said he knew someone who liked him. Then we had to close due to plumbing issues for a few hours and instead of chilling with the other servers he came up to the door to be with me I guess and he said he'd rather play frisbee than just be here and I said I want to go to my pool then mentioned how he could join.Then he bought me a frosty. He also invited himself to dinner at my house jokingly. Then when it was time for us to go he played with my calculator watch and walked me to my car. That Monday he was about to leave and told the other host "hey make sure you tell smiles I say goodbye, I don't want to get in trouble." I make it up to the front right when he said this as he walked out the door. He then turns to see me and walks back in just to hug me.

He just got back from a three week vacation. The day before he left my girl friend came in sat in his section and left a note saying how I heart him on the receipt. Then he came up with a goofy smile over it as coworkers teased me, then later came back with a sex joke involving the two of us then hugged me good bye and telling me how he was leaving for 3weeks I said that was fine because I was going to be gone to. Once he left my gay BFF messaged him saying how I didn't want to drive home, wanted to give him something to remember me by, that I wanted his "naughty bits" and my number. He messaged back saying how he would text me that night and thanked him.

Well I never got a text and after seeing the messaged I freaked because any normal person would see it as too much.

Well when he came back to work 2 days ago, I was so worried over the message I avoided him for a good portion of the night. When I went to leave he did his eye batting thing and I said good bye. He asked where I was going I said after 11hrs I was going home. He talked about how I should stay and asked about my trip, he also apologized for not texting me. Asked when I was going to work next and I said tomorrow night and he said I'll see you then. Yet when I finally was walking out the door he gave me a hi-5 instead of a hug. Then last night instead of doing what I was scheduled for I ended up making bread sticks. He kept teasing me about it and took a picture saying he was going to put in on Facebook which I didn't think he'd really post it. he even jokingly said he was my water boy as he held my drink for me. When I left again no hug but my gay bff said he had talked earlier about how the messages worried me and he said that I shouldn't be. That night I see the picture on Facebook and mention how I thought he was kidding.

I can't tell if there is still a chance he's interested or if that's over

For those of you who still see me as having a shot, why do you think that?
I got rejected but thanks for those with words of encourage before I learned my fate.


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  • good catch/thought - that is difficult (what he's doing) - I've been there. I wonder the better / more good of a person he is, the harder it is. you might want to 'rejoin' / respond to his hint/possible-fear, just benignly, something like 'i think love knows no age. except for you know like 14 year olds.' -- don't let him feel creeped out or it probably will dog/haunt him -- what's another way to put it. "i wouldn't mind a older guy.." then run off very embarrassedly, haha. something like that? you know? that might be the tipping point, even if it wasn't what was stopping him, it might be the hint he needs. good luck - sounds dedicated =)

    as a post script, ease him with your parents, both him & your parents, if you do get him, because that can be awkward, depending on either his or your parents' personalities.. or maybe it just naturally is.

    • Or the next time he goes to make fun of my calculator watch I could just say "I like old things. Old music, old clothes, older guys..."

    • lol, my way was super unsmooth, but yeah.. think of a good (& good/genius move: something that may/probably will come up) -- think of a good way to do it.. one way, still using the calculator watch, is "i like old things. old music.. old clothes.. silver hair in guys is hot too.." [if you think it is] .. continuing.. "girls actually like older guys." that is perfect he just has to hint at "yeah?" & you can fully answer his desires: "yeah." =) good luck

  • rereading your comment (to my answer), go with what you think. you know the situation, just go with 'enough' - what will work & then be ready to give extra reassurance. if that is where he is stuck, make sure he totally gets free from that. good luck =)

    - joe

    • oh - you can comment on your own comment - my rss reader wouldn't let me. =P

  • Sounds like a really jumbled mess I'd just move on and find someone else.

  • Do you like this guy and yes he is interested

    • Of course I do why else would I be upset over the fact that he hasn't texted me and won't hug me anymore?

  • Dude there is totally a chance still...plus you're attractive looking go get him!

  • Your gay friend is right, no need to worry. He still sounds interested.


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