Do you think that crying makes you weak??

men don't cry (they do but that's what people say) and I think that crying makes you weak ... I don't like it ... I feel helpless I just try to suck it up and vent my anger with punches on my teddy


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  • I knew a guy made of paper once, he was a nice bloke but was really sensitive about his condition. I avoided the topic, and we got along well, until one day we were gaming and I mentioned his character had "Paper-thin defence". He cried so much that upon patting his shoulder I ripped apart the paper and accidentally tore his right arm off D:

    We don't talk anymore D:

    • im really gullible so tell if your joking or not ...if not that is horrible really bad :/

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    • -_-

    • Sorry :(

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  • No.

  • No, and it actually relieves stress. It's natural. To say it's weak is like saying sweating is weak, they're both just part of your body's functions.

    • i don't sweat much either LOL even after a complete soccer game I'm good

  • Do you lose respect for a guy when he cries?


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  • Crying is good for your health.

  • I think not being afraid to show your feelings is a sign of strength. Crying when there's people around proves that you're not afraid of what others think, and that shows your strength through that. Besides, keeping your emotions inside doesn't mean you're strong. It still means that you're sensitive, yet you're too afraid of being judged by others. That's just my opinion.

  • no, I just think it's a hindrance. it makes you 'look' weak, like you succumbed to your emotions. it makes it hard to speak and get your thoughts across. that's the part I don't like. other than that, it's cathartic. makes you feel better afterwards.