When Online Dating?

I've been emailing a guy from Match for about a week now. Our emails are pretty lengthy which I would think was an indication of interest. But, there really has been no flirting or mention of meeting.

I know he's still on dating sites. My question is, can I take the fact that we've had good conversation as a positive sign or could he be emailing me and not be interested.


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  • I would guess he is very interested. Online dating can be odd from a guy's point of view. He can write to 50 women and get only a few responses that can fizzle with no explanation online. It depends how ideal his profile is. He is probably sounding general and distant because he doesn't want to scare you away.

    Meet up somewhere public and put a real life connection to the virtual one and see what happens.


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  • Don't forget that it's a dating site, so any conversation is automatically within that context. So, yes, you can take it that way. I think you should tell him what you're thinking. Analyze it a bit first, would him flirting and wanting to meet be a good thing? If so, then flirt a little, and be honest.

  • Yes, take it as a positive sign.


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