How have you handled bitchy girls?

So seriously speaking,

how have you handled bitchy girls that you have encountered?

I don't mean the ones that are assertive...but the ones who harass other people for the 'fun of it' cause they have no lives and are a but sick in the head. They are typically skanky & 'pretend good girls' & and typically try to appeal to their targets empathy (especially when nothing else works).

Most are people who normal descent people would not want to associate with.


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  • I usually do one of the two following things:

    1. If she's with friends or in front of other people, I turn to the group with a 100% serious face and in a totally calm manner (so it doesn't look like she pissed me off, that's what she wants) and ask the group "is she always a c-u-n-t like this?" Girls hate that phrase because it reduces them to just a sexual body part, plus it is derogatory. This can really burn her.

    2. If you suspect that she's totally a nutso and want to avoid option number one, I suggest just walking away.


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  • Walk away.

    • True, who wants to play their stupid games.

    • who...'has the time"* want

  • If they p!ss me off enough, I'll tell them off.

    Other than that, as others have said, cut them out of my life. This, however, has been extremely difficult in my working life, since the low skilled service and sales industries are rife with these sort of women. Which is why I am working hard to gain skills and enter a new line of work.

  • All except one

  • Ignore them

  • kick them in the vagina

    • Well its illegal. If it were a devastated country in the middle...we would have a lot of options!

    • i suppose then just ignore them as best as possible then lol