How long does a call block last?

My ex has Verizon cell service. I tried to call after a month to ask for why things and found I was blocked. When I text he doesn't respond, but it says sent from my phone and no error message is sent to me, is he getting my text? Is it true a Verizon block last 90 days?

Stupid phone. I meant... after a month I called to ask. About my things. I had a lot of stuff at his house.I also have a lot of his stuff.clothes childhood pics and stuff. I don't feel right with just tossing out. Oh well... guess he has giving me no choice but to toss them and just say goodbye. To my stuff.


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  • since you have his phone number why not just call him with another phone?>

  • It lasts indefinitely I would think. Stop contacting him...

    • Trust me, I can contact him if I.wanted. I really get nausea. Thinking about hearing. His voice. I was just curious

    • That's borderline crazy ex behavior . You need to move on if he blocked you the next step is a restraining order.

    • No dude! I am not trying to talk to him. Not trying to stalk him. I was trying to be civil about his childhood stuff he told me never to throw out, be careful with black black black when he gave them to me. I called once after a month and sent one text. I do not want to be around this Guy again ever! I really am over it. I don't want him piping up again asking about hos stuff.

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