Girls do you hate this?

So I just met this girl and she seems pretty into me and I'm into her but I care about her enough to make it seem like I just want to hook up with this girl and that's it because I don't and that's happened to her before.. so it seems like she wants me to kiss her but I want to take things slow to prove I'm different than all the other guys..

so my question is is that if you really like the guy would you hate it if the guy wanted to take things slow?


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  • Alot of girls will get releived to hear your looking to take things slow, but let her know that's your plan otherwise you may have to worry about offending her because she doesn't think your interested or you're not into her. A little heads up never hurt anybody.


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  • I wouldn't hate it. I think that physical barriers and tempo of the relationship should be established early. I might get a little frustrated if it's past the second date and he hasn't kissed me yet, though.

  • The only time I like taking it slow is when I'm good friends with the guy I'm in the relationship with. If we can talk and laugh about things, I know we have good chemistry and that I want to spend more time with him (no making out necessary)!

  • I actually wouldn't mind if he wanted to take things slow. That would be a nice change, since most guys rush if the girl doesn't mind.


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