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ok, I've been hanging out with a girl I met online off and on for the last few months. at first she was almost nuts over me and then it sorta faded out. then lately it started up again a little bit. now a few days ago I wrote her a letter asking for a date. what I don't know is, did she not get the email,or did she get it. what should I do? A. text and ask if she got it, or B.just wait. Suggestions?


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  • Just go ahead and call her or message her to see if she got the email. If she does not respond to your call or email then sorry to say she has lost interest. You are young and still have plenty more time. There is plenty more fish out in the sea!

  • Ask her if she got your email. Text her. Don't sit there and wonder. If she doesn't respond to your text or call then you should get the picture.


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