Do you think he is dating me exclusively? or keeping options open?

So I started dating this guy, he's told all his friends about me and like one family member saying we are "dating." He also loosely throws the word girlfriend and boyfriend only in our fb conversations not in real life, and has stopped that lately probably because I may seem like I don't want that because at first I thought it was a little odd calling us that only after the first date and all. Basically we haven't DTRed yet


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  • I think he's dating you exclusively.


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  • You'll only know if he's dating you exclusively if you ask him (as long as he tells the truth). Perhaps its time to define the relationship!

    • but it's only been a week or so since he started calling it dating!

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    • i'd be like great like this happened to me a bunch of times b4 -___- then go dig a hole and sit in it I guess lol. I don't know I feel like he made it seem exclusive introducing me to his friends and all via Skype and they really wanted to meet me. He once asked so have you told anyone we are dating? like we have a thing and I said only my bff

    • Sounds good to me then, if he's introducing you to his friends its a very good sign. If he made excuses and tried to keep you secret from people then I'd think he was seeing other people too. :]

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