Did I mess up with this girl?

So there's this girl who I like and me and her generally flirt a lot and she may like me. We were both at a party (not like a rave but just a bunch of people hanging out) and I saw her. She was looking at me a little bit but I never approached her and said hi cause I was with my friends. We had been talking about hanging out and I said we should at the party. But since I was hanging out with my friends I couldn't. Did I mess up? should I have talked to her?


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  • I think you should have talked to her. She was probably disappointed.

    Do your friends not know about you two talking yet? Are you not ready for them to know? Would your friends have been annoying? I'm just curious why you let friends get in the way, especially if you like this girl.

    Just keep in mind that your friends will probably be around in the future too, and you might just have to get over that if you want to get to know this girl. Don't let your friends be an excuse and cause another missed opportunity.

    • No actually my friends are pretty good friends with her and some of them actually talked to her. Ya I know I messed up haha


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  • I can't say if you missed out or not becasue I don't know the girl and it depends on how much she likes you but if it was me I would be pissed off and upset that you didn't at least come and say hi, and I would now think that you didn't like me.

  • That was your opportunity to get to know her better, She came over for a reason. You could've hung with your friends any time. You probably did miss out.


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