''She means nothing to me..''

my boyfriend says a girl doesn't 'mean anything to him' so when I asked him to cut her out of his life he refused and got angry

does this mean she really does mean something to him?

im just gonna add that they slept together a year before we started dating and they still talk, I fnd it kinda weird so I asked him to stop talking to her


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  • Ive been through this before with my ex and he refused to cut the girl off. If she really didn't mean anything to him it wouldn't be a big deal, he wants to keep her around for a reason or maybe he doesn't wanna seem whipped for taking orders from you but either way if its no dig deal to him and he knows it makes you uncomfortable, he'd do it to make you happy, my current boyfriend did with no problem

    • All that says is that your current boyfriend is that he's putting you on a pedostool and if you say jump, he won't even wait to ask how high.

      Sorry, even if it is no big deal and that person isn't that important to you.. it still is as its a way of trust & respect.. Maybe that's just me tho.. who knows.

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    • I 100% agree with that comment

      Thanks Hun

    • your welcome, and good luck


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  • There's a severe lack of context in here.

    Your boyfriend saying that could be ment as in "i didn't sleep with her", "i don't want to date her", " she's not even my friend" , " I barely even know her", etc etc

    The reason he refused and got angry despite them not even being close(possibly at least) is because he doesn't want you control his life, his friends or the people he does or doesn't know. Its not up to you, its up to him.

    How would you feel if he told you to dump people out of your life? Would you be OK with that? Even if it was without reason?

    • the only reason I said to cut he out is because they slept together a year before we got together and they still talk to each other

    • I still don't see the problem.

      He's dating YOU, they slept together in the PAST and they remained friends... He's not sleeping with her now so I really don't see the problem unless he's throwing it in your face to make you jealous or anything.

  • No, it means she is his friend. Friends should last a long time. Why should he stop talking to her? You have no right to take away his friends, your not enough. Everyone needs friends, even if it's a girl. You don't have a right to do that unless she's actually causing trouble. Same goes for him.

  • What is the nature of their relationship? It sounds like you're being kind of petty and jealous.

  • maybe he's mad that you're trying to tell him what to do.

  • He's letting you know that you don't need to worry, got upset when you insisted still.


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  • He's playing y'all.if she meant nothing to him she wouldn't be a part of his life nor would he have gotten mad when you asked him to stop talking to her.he's keeping her around for a reason.I know you don't believe that she's just in the "friend zone".if I were you, I'd start making some male friends if you know what I mean