How do I find out what goes on inside of him?

i have no idea what questions should I ask if I want to know about his feelings. he is a friend, but I like him.he shows no emotions, but when I ask him about anger for example,he only says that yes he experiences it, because he is human, but that is the most I can get out of him. I am really curious what goes on inside, I don't think he opens up to anyone. I feel like he is comfortable around me and shows me parts of his personality that only a few people know about, but I don't know how to make him show more.


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  • He's probably just a shy guy. I'd say just give him time and he'll open the more he gets to know you and becomes more comfortable.

  • You've got to spend more time with him, then try to talk with him but don't force him to spill his heart out.


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