Am I unreasonably upset?

I am in a long distance relationship , my boyfriend moved 20 hours away (but we decided to stick together because he will be moving back in 6 months or so). I was upset about something so I texted him yesterday and did not hear back , today he calls me and it turns out he was beyond drunk. I asked what he was doing today and he said going to watch a movie and go hang out again. I just feel so upset because I feel like he's having so much fun and not even thinking about me , although he says he misses me ... I don't know if I am being unreasonable , usually if he goes out he texts me a few times during the evening, I don't think he would be cheating on me , but at least for my peice of mind he should tell me that he is going out to the movies with his buddy... I don't know

Am I being insecure? What do you guys make of this?


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  • You'e being insecure. He's not supposed to be miserable every second that he's gone and it would be selfish of you to expect him to be.


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  • I'd say your being insecure

    On the other hand, its quite common to be insecure in a long distance relationship because you have less "validation" from your partner as there's a lot less face to face time which would fix that.

  • Well since you two are far apart, he may see it as normal for you two to be doing more things apart.


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