If the girl you dumped is in a new relationship how would you feel?

If you dumped her, and she now has a new boyfriend, would you be sad? just a random question. I just always wondered.

Some relationships end out of the blue.

Sometimes relationships come to an end because they don't know what they want. I know for a fact some guys regret it. But just want guy opinions. Girls if you dumped a guy as well and how would you feel knowing they moved on?

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  • Well I never dumped anyone, if I dumped (very very very unlikely unless she did something horrible) I probably wouldn't care, unless, of course, she did something horrible. Then I'd be angry cause I don't think she'd deserve any sorta relationship then. She should be alone. Cause basically I'd dump only if she cheated. And if she did, well, she doesn't deserve a relationship, especially if it was soon after our relationship. I'd probably tell the guy if he didn't know. If he was the guy she cheated with, I'd probably just let him get cheated on cause once a cheater always a cheater. That's my thoughts on it.


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  • if she was a person of horrible personality perhaps not..but if she had a awesome personality any1 would def regret

  • Depends on your reasons for breaking it up in the first place. I don't think someone would make that kind of decision without thinking it through. Especially if you were the person who initiated the break up - ie. breaking up with someone.

    But, that said, having the last laugh is sure feels pretty good.

    • Well lets say he broke up with me out of the blue, and days later started dating a girl he left you for? Honestly he didn't think he went for it, and everyone says he is not that happy. I am just so curious how mens minds works. Its crazy to have crazy passion one day and then be left for someone completely different.

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    • and he only says hi, and talks to me when she isn't around. She does not let him speak to me, and she talks about me. So immature... Would I take him back? Probably not. But maybe if he proved himself worthy. BUT! it was out of the blue... the last month we were together she was liking everything on his profile. and he would as well... Um... to be honest? I think he made a foolish choice... hope he regrets it one day. but until then I am going to live my life! :)

    • yeah man you got the right attitude. Just be happy you... Don't let anyone or anything take your smile away.

  • how'd I feel? indifferent.


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  • My ex left me put of the blue for another woman. It shirts worse than if he would have just dumped me. Oh and he essential man enpghe to dump me I.saw her fb wall with pics of them togatjer. I confronted.Ted hi

    , then he dated" it wasent working out with us" a

    fter a year and a half.

  • In my experience. Even when I dumped an ex out of the blue I was uncertain about my feelings for them. Once I see them happy, it hurts. Its weird, but there is one guy in particular I wish I never let go. a big mistake actually...