When you have someone's number, what do you do with it?

I recently met a guy on holiday, and we exchanged numbers. We didn't speak all that much on the holiday but we got on quite well. We live quite far apart, so wouldn't be meeting up or anything.

What I don't really know is what to do with his number now I have it. Although he always responds to my messages, he doesn't seem to be the biggest texter in the world.

Should we just keep chatting randomly? Or is it a bad sign that I tend to start off conversations? How often can I text, and what do I even talk about to start of convos?

I understand the initial rules of texting, like who first and all that. But I don't know what to do now that bit has gone and we can't meet up. Any advice?


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  • if I'm interested, then I contact them.


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  • I usually eat the phone number once I get it.

  • Call/text them?


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  • Oh I haaate guys who can't keep the conversation. and if he can't it probably means he isn't dating material especially since your two live so far apart. but if you still wanna try him, call him later on at night and see how that goes. (and don't tell him your gonna call just do it)


    • I'm not really interested in dating him as such, considering he lives so far away and I don't know him enough. But it would be nice to keep in contact :) I'll see, I'm not much of a phoner but it's worth a shot. Thanks :)