Boyfriend broke up with me, but we are back together?

I guess we broke up because he lied to me about having kids. Before we even went out the first time I told him I had a 5 year old and he said that he didn't have any kids. Everything is good then about 3 months into dating he tells me he heard his ex girlfriend was pregnant, I'm thinking OK we can get threw it, it'll work out, might not be his, it'll be OK. We keep dating then I guess at about 5 months together, We make plans to go out and I'm waiting for him to come pick me up, so I text him and I ask him where he is and if he is still coming. He texts back and says I'm visiting my kids. He told me he didn't have any kids so now all of a sudden he has 4 kids. wth! I don't want to sound like I don't like kids or anything since I do have one myself. I don't really want to be this girls friend or babysit any kids, so I don't really know what to do. We break up for about 3 weeks and last night we went out and talk so I guess we are back together now. OK some back history on me. I was married to a guy that had 2 daughters and they we treated a lot better than I was or my son was and I don't really want to go threw that again, there moms were really rude to me. I just don't want this relationship to be like the one years ago. Anyways we go out last night and he is really wanting me to be with him so I guess I give it more time with him? Its not just he lied about having kids its also sometimes he never showed up when we had plans he was off doing who knows what somewhere else. I just want more thoughts than what's going thew my head. I do feel like I love him, but I want more than just going out a few days a week. I want this to possible be a marriage and us having kids together.


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  • Yes, you should give more time with him.


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  • Ok So. You say you love him. I will say well good. Love is beautiful. But I really think that this guy maybe doesn't treat the way You wanted to... But You still love him. My opinion is that If You think that He has a potential to listen, talk to him, talk about How do you feel, talk about How You Wanna be more time with him, and maybe spend sometime with kids from both of you, Go to the playground together, bring everyone... Picnic Would be great, The weather still so great for picnics...