How to get back into the dating game?

I was in a relationship with a girl for 3 years and we ended in January but I cannot seem to get into a groove with dating. I don't know if its I don't know how to get back into it after so long or what, but every girl I have asked out has said I'm more of a friend.

and meeting girls is a bit of a issue too because I don't want to pick up a girl at a bar that's just trashy to me

Anyway girls and guys any tips on how to get back into the game?


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  • Ask a frien d to set you up


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  • Try going to the gym. There are lots of good looking girls at the gym for you to talk to! Also, you will be getting in shape and that will make you more healthy and also more attractive to girls.

  • Date multiple girls at once ask out random ones


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