Dating but we don't really text or call each other?

im seeing this guy and we have been out twice this week but we never text each other or call each other to see how each others day been etc only if we are only arranging to meet up. is it wired to not text or call each other frequently? I don't know, the guy I'm seeing has asked me that I can call him anytime but I don't know what to say


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  • Would you feel any better if he did call you or text you more often? would it make you like him more?

    • It wouldn't make me like him more, I like him any way its just that some times I want to but I don't want to appear to clingy etc but I would like it if he texted and call sometimes. like today I texted him good day he replied saying his day was ok and that he just woke up and asked ho my day was I replyd back but I didn't ask him a question so he can text back so he hasnt, I was expectin him to mention bout 2morow as he asked to met me 2morrow.

What Girls Said 1

  • Seems fine to me, I don't think there's any point in texting or calling someone if you don't know what to say, even if you are dating.