Would you consider this a date?

Ok, so my guy friend who I've known for about three years now are planning on going to see a movie later tonight. We are pretty good friends, but don't normally hangout outside of school or school events. (We're on the same team which is how I know him) We're planning on going to see a movie later (not dinner, just a movie) I like him just as a friend, and I think he feels the same way, but he is super shy so I'm not sure. I just don't want to send him the wrong signals. So if you were a guy what would you consider this?


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  • if you don't add words like "friend" and statements that validate your friendship with him. he may get the wrong message. then again you may be reading more into this then him. to make sure, let out the " I am so glad to have a friend like you, (so and so) would never see this movie with me". that might help


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  • It doesn't sound like a date to me if you guys have been good friends for awhile. But if you aren't sure what it is and don't want to hurt his feelings then don't treat it as a date. Just act like its a chill day between two good friends. Act the same way towards him that you do any other time.