Girls, do you think this is too lame?

some female friends of mine are trying to set me up with this chic, things are going fine its just she's pretty far away. her birthday is today and I didn't know till yesturday when it was and I didn't know what to do so I wrote her this

"i hardly know more than your name

but when you call it makes my day

hello? can you hear me?

I'm talking to you on the phone

its nice when we talk I'm not alone

i was in a gutter when we met

but you pulled me out of my mess

if there's anything I need to say

its thank you, and have a happy birthday"

yall can keep giving responses but I'm done with this bitch lol
all yall are asking the same thing so I'll answer it up here. Basiclly same thing happened that happens with all the girls I end up with. I find out I was her "silver medal" so to speak. she liked another guy before me but never got his attention, so I'm like if I'm focusing on you but you're off looking for something else why should I bother. it happens every time, you'd think I'd be used to it by now but it still hurts alittle every time. I'm getting better at acting happy though lol


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  • lame lol... ha ha ha the update is funny


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  • That is really cute. I like it. But maybe not the I was in a gutter you pulled me out part. That is a little weird.

    • eh I've had a rough couple years and it got pretty bad(gutter), and me being with her kinda lightened up my life quite a bit (pulled me out). but its over, its all good, now back to misery for a while lol

  • Well I think its very thoughtful. Maybe a bit to much.

  • Wait, what happened?

  • it's cute but it might freak her out a bit, but then again I'm not a poem kind of girl lol

    • to be perfectly honest I didn't even like it but she insisted

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  • Cute poem. But I would have left out "have a", makes it flow better?

    Anyways that's considering I'd write a poem for a Bday. Probably wouldn't. I'd have no idea what to write ^^. And it would probably be waaay cheesy.

  • You shouldn't call any girl a bi*ch.

    Makes you look less of a man.

    Barely even know the girl.

    What would you do if you were in her situation?

    • uh it was just my reaction at the time, I'm probably one of the most respectful person to women you mite meet. I would of put an end to it right away instead of leading me on. in fact if a girl is in that situation they shouldn't even try to have another relationship because theyre just gonna be hung up on that same, and little losers like me are just gonna get hurt lol

  • Nope.

    Your welcome?

    Oh..I'm a guy.


  • Update: Wow, that escalated quickly. What happened?