He keeps messaging me saying how he wishes I was with him?

so there is this guy I was seeing for about 6 months, about 5 months ago. things slowed down until we didn't speak anymore. we have started speaking again, and he has a new girl, but keeps messaging me saying how he wishes I was with him, and asking about my feelings for him.

he says he's happy in this new relationship (very recent), but I can't help but wonder why he keeps saying these things.

i have also realized I still have feelings for him.

i don't want to be that girl but I can't stop thinking about him!

please help!


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  • This is quite tricky.

    To me he doesn't deserve to know your feelings anymore, I mean at the "most" he knows how you felt at once and for whatever reasons you guys stopped talking he had a part in it.

    If his feelings are truly as he claims then why does he feel the need to tell you now as he is "happily" in a new relationship. You are right to question his motives because what are you doing in a happy relationship professing your feelings for someone else. Either he's unstable or he is trying to hype you up for some kind of fling.

    Who knows though, you say you can't stop thinking about him this is typical behavior as he has told you he wants you with him, it makes you feel as if he cares and possibly he does but that shouldn't be of his concern anymore. I would tell him firstly I respect myself, ethical behavior would be to respect all relationships so I am no longer engaging myself in a romantic aspect with you. No hard feelings but you musn't play with matters of the heart.


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  • This guy is probably playing you to get some sex on the side. Either that, or he's VERY confused. Either way, there's nothing good in this relationship for you, so you should make a clean break with him.

  • I would leave him until you ask him

    Why are you talking to me when you have a gf!

    He's either using you to get some on the side or VERY confused and doesn't know what he wants

    Either way I wouldn't continue ANYTHING till you have a good and long talk with him.

    Good Luck!

  • he seems desperate since he's texting this so much


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  • He wants his cake and pie at the sametime and play you..if he really lieks you ore catred about you he'd be with you.