Is sleeping over at a guy's house slutty?

I come from a very strict household, and I am have been dating a guy for almost a month. It seems serious (I would like to think that), he asked me to come to his house and meet the family and sleepover. Is it too soon? Will his parents think I am slutty for sleeping over after nearly a month? I want to show his parents that I am not like most girls that he brought home. What do I do?

Thank you in advance!


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  • I stayed at my ex's when I met his parents. Spare room, didn't do anything disrespectful. Make sure he asks his parents first. In my case, we were in a LDR so I had to sleep over and I had met his parents briefly prior to that.

    As for sleeping over, being slutty, if it is, then I'm in trouble. I crash at my guy friend's house almost every other weekend after a night out. Nobody has ever commented, it's not like I'm sleeping with him.

    • His parents want me to come. I'm not saying that sleeping over is slutty, I don't want to seem slutty to his parents and mine..

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    • You have a point there- go along with it..

      Thank you for everything!

      How did the family Christmas go was it awkward?

      Also, any tips how to impress his family?

    • It wasn't that bad, only one aunt was a bit upset since I'm not Christian. Smile lots, be polite and bring something when you show up. No problem. His mom and dad loved me lol.

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  • It's just sleeping over in the literal sense, right? Not slutty at all.

    • literally just sleeping..

  • i see no problem having sex after a month. but meeting parents... that's a bit soon.


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  • Not if you're just sleeping. I've had sleepovers with guys who were just friends before. I like it! There's something cozy and special about waking up next to a guy. :)