What age do you think is a good age to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Like when would it be considered a real relationship? What age/grade? Not like when 7th graders are "dating".


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  • I wasn't allowed to have a Boyfriend until 16 years old. I snuck and had one at 15 but it lasted about two weeks lol. I think 16 is a good age to have a BF. Though you're not yet fully matured mentally, you still have enough sense to make your own decisions, not be pressured into anything, and get around to go on dates. Anything under 16 I think is just a kiddie crush where you simply want the title of BF/GF or to tell your friends and have a reason to make out.

    Just a personal opinion


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  • You have your whole life to date and there isn't a certain age when you're required to start dating. I'm 21 and have never had a boyfriend or even had my first kiss, and I'm doing fine.

  • sometimes people end up married who have been together for years

    somewhat real? college.

    definitely real? out of college when you are in grad school or working.