Is he giving an excuse?

So last week I went for my first date with this guy whom I know really well. In fact we have been in love with each other from the past two years. But on our date nothing romantic happened. Although our conversations were very good, he did not make any move. When I asked him why we didn't get mushy he said that he wanted to enjoy my company. Do you think this could be true?


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  • Yes.

    Guys generally say what they mean.

    This only confuses girls, because girls never say what they mean.

    It is inconceivable to the average girl, that any being could live a life where they mostly say what they mean.


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  • Yes?

    And why does it have to be him that makes the move? ;P


What Girls Said 1

  • I think he's a little unsure and testing out what it would be like dating you because it's still a big move dating someone you've known and been friends with that long. Regardless of romantic feelings.

    Anyway, stop speculating and go with the flow! The answers will reveal themselves soon enough.