He shows signs of being interested then sometimes not so much. What does he mean, is it good or bad?

Me and a co worker have been interested in each other for a while. Things have been vague and back and forth, he shows signs of being interested then sometimes not so much, I really like him and he knows I do so he says to me "I just need time but I will say that you are not wasting your time with me". He also got out of a three year relationship not too long ago. Is that a good sign that maybe some patience on my part will pay off?


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  • I believe so, take it slow and be patient, he said your not wasting your time so why don't you take that at face value.

    Good luck.

    • I'm just not sure what he means? Does it mean he will come around and he likes me enough to not completely blow me off?

    • I think so, certainly sounds this way. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

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