Why do some guys take forever to reply?

this guy was on a vacation and we would text but it would be several hours in between, sometimes he'd reply in the early afternoon then not respond until the end of the day. but whenever we've hung out he always has his phone on him and replies to texts quickly and answers his phone. I thought maybe he was just like this because he was on a trip but he texted me around noon and I replied but I haven't heard from him. I know he could be busy or not have his phone or whatever, but could it be something to do with me..?


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  • the guy's on vacation...

    he's probably doing stuff and keeping busy, or may not even have reception. expect that while he's on vacation, this will continue, and don't over think it.

    you're expecting a quick reply when you've been proven they will be long replies.

    change your expectations... (while he's on vaca-)


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  • If he was on vaction...cut him a little slack. If he does this all the time...then he's either w other girls, in a relationship, or isn't that interested in you. Sadly...i just finished dealing w similar :/

  • He is not that into you. Sorry but that's the blunt truth