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How long do guys wait until they text a girl after hanging out?

I met this guy yesterday and we hung out today for like ten minutes (he really wanted to see me because he had a family thing) and I was just... Show More

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  • I usually text straight away if I'm interested..

    • So should I just assume he's not interested anymore?

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    • Well do you think he's waiting for me to text him?

    • I know some guys do, but I'm not that type, so you'll have to find someone who behaves like that and ask them, sorry :)

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  • Was it ten minutes, or two minutes?

    And does he have your number?

    • When I first met him, it was for like two minutes he gave his number because I had to go. Then we hung out today for ten minutes.

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    • Ok, so now 18 hours. You've got plenty of time on this kiddo. If it goes two weeks without a response, then it's not going to happen. Guys usually take a few days to get back in touch.

    • Okay I hope so! Thank you :)

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