Why don't girls usually ask guys out?

Personally, I never did because I'm 16 and I always thought love was an overrated concept (until I fell in love on Valentine's day). However, I'm sure 99% did/does not think like me. So why don't I see many females asking males on dates like the other way around?


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  • They want equality in all aspects of life except when it comes to romantic relationships. If a girl really likes a guy then she usually tries to make things happen. I personally couldn't care less if women asked guys out. Women should learn to be clearer in their interests of us guys. If she's too chicken to say something and would rather hide behind the veil of deniability then just show me how you feel and I will do the rest


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  • That's because it's a part of the norm, men are supposed to take the first initiative when it comes to first contact. However, it does happen that girls ask out guys, sometimes.

    But then again, guys usually don't have females flocking around oneself much like girls do when it comes to sex, especially.

  • Initiating is something that is seen as unpleasant by both genders. Women have a gender role to fall back on that kind of protects them, though.

  • Usually if a girl ask a guy out. They usually say yes.

    When a guy asks a girl out...well drama, games, gossiping starts...

    So girls just don't feel the need to ask a guy out if he just says yes.

    Let's all play hard to get.


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