Why didn't she reply?

Ok a girl said hey to me on face book, I said hi how are you? She didn't reply why didn't she reply? What is she thinking? I know her from school she is in the year below me. I have had a conversation with her on face book before which I initiated.


she goes on Facebook for a bit then goes on it on her phone wtf?

I Have liked her since July last year,but haven't seen her as I have left school. Sheis going to uni in September so need to make a move soon any advice?


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  • i hate when that happens too, give it a couple of days if she doesn't reply then just let it be. I liked a guy and I messaged him he replied back a week later saying he was busy studying for exams but he was really sorry and he continued to talk! I thought that was so charming and yeah I loved that.


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  • There are many things it could be, she was being polite or friendly? She was busy? Shy?

    It's not really a lot to go on.

  • She's probably just busy and hasn't checked her Facebook lately. Don't worry.


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  • If she wasn't interested, she wouldn't have even said 'hey'. lol She probably just got busy. Or asking "hi how are you" is just to boring, because it is pretty boring, every guy says that. If it was the latter, then you might want to check out link It has a lot of great info, and not just for getting laid through texting.


    • what could I of said instead?